Not only can an Aeromotive fuel pump feed a thirsty performance engine, it incorporates anti-slosh features to mitigate fuel starvation. (Image/Aeromotive)

In the quest for ever-higher performance numbers, it’s easy to look past the role of the fuel pump. But with increased power comes an increased demand for fuel, which is why Aeromotive brings a comprehensive line of high-flow fuel pumps to the performance party.

And while Aeromotive has a robust catalog of applications already, if you’ve been building-up a 2016-20 Chevy Camaro or 2016-19 Cadillac CTS/ATS-V with bigger injectors, bigger fuel rails, or other performance upgrades, you’ll really like this next part.

Because, you guessed it, Aeromotive’s now got some fuel pumps tailor-made for those vehicles as well.

For starters, you can opt for either a dual 450 pump or triple 450 pump design, depending on your power needs. And these pumps are self-contained, ready to drop right in to the factory location, and will work just like the original one did.

Better still, Aeromotive builds-in some anti-slosh capabilities into these pumps to mitigate fuel starvation—a very handy feature for a track vehicle that endures hard launches, rapid deceleration, and high G-force turns.

Is your appetite sufficiently whetted? Then check out this interview from the folks at Summit Racing.

They spoke with Aeromotive about these pumps during their annual Performance Parts Expo. (You’ll also hear details on other cool stuff Aeromotive’s been working on, like fuel pumps for Hellcat-swapped Jeep Gladiators and performance-tuned Subarus.)

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