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Video: What is Free Gap in a Piston Ring & What Can it Tell You?

Ever heard of “free gap” in a piston ring? It’s a valuable spec to know before assembling your engine, and can tell you a lot about the operating environment inside […]

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Parts Bin: Get Consistent, Precise Ring Gaps Time After Time Using a Summit Racing Pro Ring Filer

Any engine builder will tell you that precise piston ring gaps are a vital component of a performance engine. And while we’ve already talked about its manual piston ring tool, […]

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Parts Bin: Total Seal Gas Ported Piston Rings Improve Cylinder Sealing for More Power

Get the performance of a gas ported piston, without the wallet porting price. Total Seal offers the best of both worlds with its Gas Ported Piston Ring Sets. The rings […]

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Engine Building 101: How to Install Piston Rings on LS Engine (Video)

Piston rings play an important role in the efficient operation of your engine. They create the seal between the cylinder wall and piston necessary for good compression. Plus, they keep […]

Summit Racing LS piston rings

Parts Bin: Summit Racing Pro LS Piston Rings

Piston rings are a critical part in any engine. It’s amazing what they put up with when you really think about it. The top ring provides a near-airtight seal against […]

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Mailbag: How to Fix an Oil-Burning 1989 GMC 1500 4×4 Pickup

Q: The culprit is a 1989 GMC 1500 4×4 with a 350, automatic with overdrive, a 3.42 axle, and over 150,000 miles. It has recently developed a powerful thirst for […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Cylinder Wall Glazing – What it is and How to Get Rid of It

This may sound like a simple question, but what is cylinder wall glazing and how is it created? I hear about it all the time when people talk about piston […]

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High-Po Piston Tech: What You Should Know About Ring Lands and Grooves

When it comes to pistons, the most common arrangement you’ll encounter makes use of three piston rings — compression, second, and oil. Today, we’re turning our focus to the areas of the […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Piston Ring Thickness and Why Thin is In!

I’ve heard that late model engines now run much thinner rings than the older production engines. Are these thinner rings just there to improve fuel mileage or is there a […]

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Gap Rap: How to Measure and Set Piston Ring End Gap

When you shop for high performance piston ring sets, you’ll no doubt find there are many different sets and styles available (no big secret). And many of these ring sets are […]