To the casual observer, a piston looks like a relatively simple engine component. But to gearheads like us, we know there’s a ton of innovation and tech packed into those small hunks of metal.

Yet there’s always something new to discover, so we turned to the piston experts over at RaceTec to learn some more piston tech 101. In this case, we’re hearing about the importance of an accumulator groove between the ring lands in a piston head.

Turns out, the accumulator groove has a big, big role in mitigating the unwanted effects of engine blow-by—while ensuring a tight piston seal against the cylinder bores along the way. That’s why RaceTec uses an accumulator groove in its piston designs to help you squeeze (pun!) the most performance and longevity out of your engine.

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Whether you’re a serious race engine builder or just an enthusiast who likes to learn about the science and tech behind performance engine design, this handy video from the Summit Racing YouTube Channel is definitely worth the watch. Check it out below:

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