An oil separator system (also known simply as a “catch can“) is a way to mitigate the harmful effects of engine blow-by.

Engine blow-by happens when harmful gasses escape your engine’s crankcase and get recycled back through the intake and burned up in your combustion chambers. Problem is, in extreme situations, burning all that oil mist, moisture, and other gunky vapors may create significant deposits and other buildup that can damage sensors and spark plugs—and may even cause accelerated engine wear.

The solution is to install a catch can to capture that nasty stuff and keep it contained safely away from the engine. The crud and deposits stay in the catch can until you’re able to safely drain and dispose of it—something you typically want to do with every oil change.

And that’s exactly what the Summit Racing folks did during their Project Jeep Wrangler Build Series. Thanks to a slick looking catch can from Mishimoto, the Jeep can now inhale a cleaner charge of air and reduce the potentially harmful effects of engine blow-by.

You can learn more about engine blow-by and see how a catch can system works in this quick install video from the Summit Racing YouTube Channel. Check it out below: