Q: I have a 1978 Ford E-250 van. The engine is a 460 that’s bored .030″ over, has a 214°/224° @ .050″ flat tappet cam, an Edelbrock 750 cfm carb, headers, and a 3-inch dual exhaust. The heads, intake, crank, and rods are stock.

The lifters need to be replaced. Do I have to remove the cylinder heads to replace the lifters? I hope not, because to get the heads off, I have to remove the engine.

A: Good news—you don’t have to yank the cylinder heads to replace the lifters in a Ford 460. All you have to do is remove the valve covers, rocker arms, push rods, and intake manifold.

During installation, remember to lubricate the bottom of the lifters with the manufacturer recommended assembly lube and break in the cam as if it were new.