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Mailbag: Understanding Poly Locks & How to Adjust Them

Q: What is a poly lock, and how is it used? A: Essentially, a poly lock is an adjustable rocker arm nut used with stud mount rocker arms. Each poly […]

car cruising

Mailbag: Understanding Optimal Cruising RPM and its Impact on Engine Performance

Q: What is the ideal cruising RPM, and why is it important? A: Cruising rpm—that is, the speed at which your engine’s crankshaft rotates at a given sustained speed—has an […]


Mailbag: What is Total Timing and How Do I Set it?

Q: What is total timing, and how do I set it on my engine? A: Total timing, which refers to the maximum amount of ignition timing applied to the engine, […]


Mailbag: What Does a PCV Valve Do?

Q: What is the purpose of a PCV valve? A: The PCV valve is an important part of your crankshaft ventilation system. It serves a few primary function related to […]

Wheel Cleaning

Mailbag: How to Keep Your New Wheels Looking Great for a Long Time

Q: I recently got a set of new wheels for my car. How should I go about taking care of them? A: Adding a new set of wheels to your […]

Q&A / Tech

Mailbag: Which Converter is Better for My Vehicle…Lockup or Non-Lockup?

Q: I am choosing a torque converter for my 1970 Nova with a 430 horsepower 383 stroker and a 4L60 transmission. I see lockup and non-lockup options. My understanding is that a […]


Mailbag: What is Engine Quench?

Q: What is engine quench? … A: Quench is the distance between the top of the piston at TDC and the cylinder head surface. It is also called “squish” or […]


Mailbag: Can I Use an EFI Kit to Control Ignition Timing?

Q: Can I use a fuel injection system to control my ignition timing? … A: Yes. Most fuel injection kits will work with your existing ignition system. All they really […]


Mailbag: How Does an Ignition Coil Work?

Q: How does an ignition coil work? … A: Ignition coils are electrical transformers. They convert low voltage to high voltage through a process called induction. There are various designs, […]

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Mailbag: Why Do I Need to Use Antifreeze?

Q: Why do I need to use antifreeze? … A: The fluid you use in your engine’s cooling system can affect its performance. For most vehicles, a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and […]