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Mailbag: 5 Things to Check When Swapping to Higher Lift Rockers

I have a 1970 Nova SS with a 11.5:1 compression, 355 cubic-inch small block. It has Sportsman II heads, a COMP Cams hydraulic camshaft (292 degrees advertised duration, .507 inches […]


Mailbag: Which Air Intake Tube Material is Better – Metal or Plastic?

Q: Is a plastic or metal intake tube better? … A: Air intake kits are a popular performance upgrade. They are affordable, easy to install, and provide noticeable gains over a […]


Mailbag: The Difference Between Single-, Double-, and Triple-Pass Radiators

Q: What is a double-pass radiator? … A: In a single-pass radiator, coolant only crosses the radiator core one time. Fluid enters the inlet. It flows across the core in […]


Mailbag: Is a 3-Row Radiator Better Than a 2-Row One?

Cooling Basics – Row Quantity vs. Tube Size In the radiator core, coolant flows through tubes. The tubes are joined together by the fins. More heat can be exchanged when […]


Mailbag: Explaining Gasoline Octane Ratings

Q: What do the different gasoline octane ratings mean? … A: The octane rating measures the performance of a particular fuel blend. The higher the number, the more compression it […]


Mailbag: Advice for Building a Ford 427 Clevor Engine

Q: I’m building a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster and I would love to install a Boss Nine 427 engine, but it’s way out of my budget. Ford Performance offers a very […]

frame vs unibody - image by autoexpertus

Mailbag: Unibody vs. Body-on-Frame Chassis

Q: Which is better between a body-on-frame and unibody chassis design? … A: Most vehicles are built using either “body-on-frame” or “unibody” design. The terms refer to the style of […]


Mailbag: Explaining Automotive Electric Relays

Q: What are the different types of electric relays? … A: An electric relay is a high amperage switch controlled with a small electrical input. Normally, the small input controls an electromagnetic […]


Mailbag: Determining Tire Age by Serial Number

Q: How old are my tires? … A: The serial number of a tire is the most effective way to determine its age. The serial number may also be referred […]


Mailbag: Tall Valve Covers vs. Stock Valve Covers

Q: Do I need tall valve covers? … A: Valve covers come in a variety of designs to give your engine the look you want. One important thing you will need […]