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Parts Bin: Trick Flow Double Platinum LS Spring Packs

(Image/Summit Racing)

Looking for the ultimate set of dual springs for your LS engine build or cam swap? The Trick Flow TFS-2500286P (steel retainer) and the TFS-2500287P (titanium retainer) have arrived.

These made-in-the-USA dual spring kits are extremely durable. They start with high-silicon Pacaloy steel which is further processed by nano-peening for a superior surface finish. What does nano-peening do? It stress relieves the steel. Once installed, it minimizes load loss over time.

These springs allow for up to 8000 rpm operation with factory rockers. The seat and open pressures have been optimized for minimal stress on the rockers and pushrods. Let’s start off with the standard 1.800 LS installed height and see what pressures we get over the lift curve.

Seat Pressure160 lbs.
.600 lift395 lbs.
.625 lift405 lbs.
.670 lift422 lbs.

The other components are top notch, too. The lightweight chromoly steel retainers provide perfect retention and weigh 13 grams. The titanium retainers come in even lighter (40 percent) at 9 grams. Locks are 2g. The reduction in mass makes a high rpm possible AND reduces stress on other system components.

If you like the extra safety margin and redundancy of a dual spring vs. a single, these springs are for you.

(Image/Summit Racing)
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  2. I found the article very informative and interesting thank you for your deep knowledge it helps a novice like me appreciate motor building technology today keep those articles coming

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