Summit Racing’s Pro LS cams have quickly become a popular choice for LS upgrades and swaps. Now Summit has made it even easier to decide which Pro LS cam is right for you by adding matching spring kits. 

You can learn more about the Pro LS cams in our earlier article, they are a complete lineup of automotive, truck swap, Turbo and single plane cams that are separated into four stages each. These made-in-the-USA cams start with aerospace grade billet steel. The lobes are easy on the valvetrain and rev reliably past 7,000 rpm with a good valve spring kit.

But which spring kit do you need?

The automotive and turbo cams are matched with .600-inch lift beehive or the nano-peened dual springs. The dual spring kits come in two flavors: your choice of 13 gram Chromoly Steel or 9 gram Titanium retainers

What’s the benefit of nano-peening? 

The high-silicon Pacaloy steel is further processed for a superior surface finish. This stress relieves the steel to a relaxed state. Once installed, it minimizes the load loss over time. 

To learn more about the springs, check out this article.

The truck swap cams are offered with the LS6 springs. These tried-and-true springs have slightly increased spring pressure for 6,500+ rpm capability and accommodate the .550-inch lift cams. The exception is the newest SUM-8720 Stage 2 .600 “High-Lift” version, which gets the TFS-16918 Beehive spring.

Summit Racing makes finding the cams and spring kits easy too. Just type in the Cam part number in the search bar. Not only will you find the cam, you’ll also find the cam and spring kits that pop up. Part numbers ending with -1 will have the beehives, while the ones ending in –1DS are (Dual Steel) or –1DT (Dual Titanium) retainers.

You’ll also find the other things you’ll need to swap a cam. Summit Cam Swap Kits include everything else you’ll need to perform a swap. Remember you’ll want a good Cathedral or Rectangle Port on-head spring compressor and Spark Plug Air Adapter to get the job done with a minimum of fuss. 

Although not absolutely required, the factory rockers usually are pretty worn out by the time a cam is swapped in. It’s a good idea to get a Trunnion kits (bearing style or bushing style) for increased durability. Timing Chain Dampers are a big plus to reduce chain whip and the chance of chain breakage.

If you want to learn more about the manufacturing process and quality of the Summit Pro LS cams, check out Manufacturing Summit Racing’s Pro LS Cams.

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