(Image/Horsepower Wars – Power Automedia)

In the previous two installments of Horsepower Wars: Pony Wars, we’ve seen what $15,000 in upgrades can do to a Chevy Camaro 2SS and Ford Mustang GT.

Or…at least, what those upgrades can do to a dyno run.

Now, it’s time to take the cars to the dragstrip and see how those dyno pulls and horsepower numbers translate into elapsed times.

In terms of the Pony Wars challenge, the Camaro still has an edge in the points, which means the Mustang needs a strong showing at the track in order to stay in the competition.

Want to see the rules and guidelines for Horsepower Wars: Pony Wars? Read them here.

As a control variable, the Camaro and Mustang are both running matched sets of Weld Racing Wheels and Mickey Thompson tires.

With the addition ProCharger superchargers and a handful of new suspension and engine mods, both cars posted performance way better than earlier baseline runs.

The improved performance was expected–but the end-of-the-day results were not.

Does the Mustang stay in the Pony Wars competition? Or does the Camaro finally shut the lights out on its nemesis?

Watch Pony Wars Episode 7 here and see for yourself.

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