Q: I have a Gen. Five, LT-series 5.3L L83 engine that’s going into my 1975 Chevy Monza. The factory intake manifold is too tall to clear the stock hood, so I need a lower-profile intake. Can I use the intake from a newer Corvette LT1?


A: Yes, the LT1 intake will bolt up to your 5.3L L83 engine. If you’re looking for an affordable option, AC Delco makes an affordable factory LT1 replacement intake manifold.

The inlet of the LT1 intake angles downward, so you may need to use Holley’s throttle body angle adapter to clear the engine accessories, or you can use ICT Billet’s Gen V alternator/power steering pump relocation bracket to route the serpentine belt away from the throttle body.

You will also need a 6.2L throttle body, because the 5.3L throttle body has a different bolt pattern.

Some tuning may be required for optimal driveability and performance.

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