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Video: 5 Things You Need to Know About Motor Oil

Opinions vary on many facets of motor oil. On what is good, bad, true, or false.

Lost in all those opinions, are scientific data-backed facts, says tribologist and Driven Racing Oil’s lubrication specialist Lake Speed Jr.

Speed wants to teach you the real science of lubrication.

“Forget about marketing hype and what your granddaddy told you,” he said.

Speed put together a five-video series which take a science-based look at motor oil and lubricant technology and engineering to help you base your opinions on truth.

And maybe get better performance and longer engine life in the process.

#1. The 4 R’s

The Right Oil. The Right Place. The Right Time. The Right Amount.

#2. Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad — On Balancing Additives

“Too much of any one good thing can actually hurt the lubricant, but having the right balance lets every component do its job without hindering the others,” Speed said.

Learn about the additives inside your motor oil, and then listen to Speed explain why the proper balance is the key to long-term performance.

#3. How to Protect Your Oil

“To keep the lubricant dry, it’s recommended to keep the oil sump temperature between 180-220 degrees F. That’s hot enough to keep any moisture out of the oil. For every 20 degrees over 220 degrees F, the life of the oil drops significantly,” Speed said.

Using high quality oil filters is the simplest way to enhance the protection of your motor oil.

#4. How to Get Your Facts Straight

“Most heavy equipment dealers like Caterpillar or John Deere, sell used oil analysis kits. All you have to do is take a small 3-ounce sample of lubricant, fill out a few forms and send it off to the lab,” Speed suggests.

Get the data, evaluate your engine, and catch wearing before it results in a failure.

#5. The Type of Fuel You Use Directly Affects Your Oil

Oil-to-fuel ratio is a measurement that concerns cross contamination between your oil and fuel. And that contamination can affect the lubrication efficiency of your oil.

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