Do you want to know how to properly measure for and install a new driveshaft?

Our friends QA1 and Summit Racing teamed up for this video which, using the QA1 REV Series Carbon Fiber Driveshaft as its subject, will give you the basic information you need to complete a driveshaft installation.

Learn about the critical measurements you’ll need, including the measurement from the center line of your vehicle’s rear U-joint to the center line of the front U-joint, and from the flats of the pinion yoke to the tailshaft end of the transmission. You’ll also learn the importance of specific rear end and U-joint size in determining exactly what driveshaft length you’ll need.

You’ll hear tips for simplifying the installation and learn what to watch for, including the optimum free play room for your slip yoke, and how to avoid any driveshaft damage by avoiding contact with your vehicle’s chassis or bracketry.

Watch the video here: