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Transmission Match: How to Visually Identify an Automatic Transmission

Transmission identification is a common issue among classic car enthusiasts.

According to the Summit Racing technical department, it’s one of the most-asked-about topics when customers call for advice. We dedicated an entire post to the subject a couple years back, but the bottom line is you can identify common automatic transmissions by the shape and bolt pattern of the transmission pan.

There are other ways to ID your automatic transmission. Some trannys have a code stamped into them or a tag riveted to the housing. You can also measure the dimensions of the transmission, but it’s much easier to look at the transmission pan for telltale giveaways of a transmission’s ID.

Operating under this premise, OnAllCylinders’ Lori Sams created this visual quick-guide to help you easily ID an automatic transmission. 


Unfortunately, manual transmissions are little harder to identify. Our friends at Hurst put together some helpful diagrams and tips here:

Once you’ve identified your transmission, you can go about the business of maintaining, rebuilding, or upgrading it. Aftermarket companies offer a variety of transmission rebuild kits, shift kits, transmission pan gaskets, and more.

But the first step is making that positive ID.

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  1. Bruce Bessey says:

    I know I have a 97 4L60E, don’t know for sure if it will bolt up to my sbc 400 (1976)

  2. The new process 420 is not on any of the manual transmission pages

  3. wheres the FMX ford trans?

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  5. johny gann says:

    i have ford trans with number pkaay25 049778 f250 e5ap da

  6. Hi. I wanted to replace my captiva auto transmission with ID 2GHW with used auto transmission assembly that is available online with ID 3GQW. Would this fit in my captiva.
    I have 2012 LT model with 2.4 petrol
    Hope you can help


  7. Where is the Ford FMX?

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