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Transmission Cooler Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a Transmission Cooler

It’s no secret that heat kills automatic transmissions. This is especially true in big-power, street-strip machines that combine lots of horsepower with a small torque converter and steep rear axle ratio. Engine rpm […]

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Transmission Match: How to Visually Identify an Automatic Transmission

Transmission identification is a common issue among classic car enthusiasts. According to the Summit Racing technical department, it’s one of the most-asked-about topics when customers call for advice. We dedicated an […]

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Garbled Transmission: What Do Shift Kits Do? Do I Need a Tranny Cooler? (and Other Transmission FAQs)

The transmission is the little brother of the powertrain. It doesn’t often get the same respect or attention as the engine—until it starts acting up. You’ll most likely see dozens […]