If you own a lifted Jeep or one to which you plan to add a lift kit, you may also be considering a slip yoke eliminator because driveline angle is critical and heavily influenced by suspension lift.

Jeep Wrangler rear driveshafts usually measure at 13.5 inches or less. With this short a running length, every inch of added suspension lift has a huge effect on the driveline angle.

In this video, our friends at Advance Adapters will perform a thorough bench installation of a New Process 231 Slip Yoke Eliminator (or NP231 SYE) and show you step-by-step how to properly pull apart your Jeep Wrangler transfer case and install an NP231 SYE kit. These fixed yoke kits feature a new 1 3/8”-32 spline rear output shaft to add critical length to the rear driveline. The kits include a 356-T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy tailhousing, 1310 c.v. yoke (other styles of yokes available), bearings, fastening hardware, and detailed instructions, according to Advance Adapters.

Check it out the video here: