It’s no secret that an ATV or Side by Side is probably going to endure more abuse and harsh conditions than, say, a commuter car or truck. From rapid RPM spikes to mud, sand, and gunk, the clutch and belt in your ATV or side by side have to put up with a lot.

And for that reason, you should really establish (and stick to!) a strict inspection and maintenance routine—which is exactly what the folks at Dayco recommend too.

exposed view of a clutch on an atv side by side
(Image/The Dayco YouTube Channel)

Dayco’s been making powersports drive belts for a very long time, so the company knows a lot about what it takes to keep them happy. As an added bonus, the Dayco folks obviously spend plenty of time in and around ATV and side by side clutches too, which means it has oodles of advice to offer on that subject as well.

So if you want to enjoy a hassle-free season of riding your ATV, UTV, or side by side, a dash of preventative care and maintenance up front can go a long way towards making that happen. Check out the video below and get a jump on your seasonal service prep.

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