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Video: How to Diagnose & Fix Engine Belt Chirp or Squeal

Engine belts don’t go gentle into that good night. They squeal and chirp as they wear, giving you an annoying audible warning that something’s amiss under your vehicle’s hood. Yet […]

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Winter Driving Checklist: How to Get Your Ride Ready for Winter Driving

For many of us in high altitude and northern regions, we’ve got to brave the elements and clock-in on time regardless of how heavy the snow is falling. But with […]

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How to Check For Worn Vehicle Belts

With summer temperatures heating up, it’s as important as ever to pay attention to your vehicle’s belts. In this post, Brian Wheeler, marketing manager at Dayco Products, shares some secrets […]

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Winter Weather Alert: Get Ready for Winter Driving with These Helpful Tips

Here’s the official OnAllCylinders long-term winter forecast: It’s gonna snow—at least in many parts of the country. And there’s probably going to be freezing rain, blowing snow, gale-force winds, and […]