Whether you’re on a loading dock, jobsite, campout, or a hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree, staying warm is not just a comfort thing—it’s an essential safety measure to keep you alert and focused.

And warmth is precisely what Summit Racing’s new lineup of heated jackets and heated vests bring to the table.

Using rechargeable battery power, these heated garments offer three heating levels, with the ability to keep you warm for close to eight hours. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Low Heat – 7.5 Hours
  • Medium heat – 4 Hours
  • High Heat – 2.5 Hours

You can control the heat settings with easy-to-reach buttons sewn right into the garment and the slim battery pack simply slips into a pocket. Better still, these jackets and vests can be fully recharged and ready to go in as little as six hours. (Summit Racing includes the charging cable too.)

(Image/Summit Racing)

The jackets and vests come in a range of sizes, and they’re all made from a super durable, stretchable material that resists rain and snow. When the garment does get dirty, just remove the battery and toss it into the washing machine.

Each jacket and vest features zippered pockets to keep your stuff secure. As an added bonus, the jacket has a zippered hood too.

Get more details and sizing information in the links below:

Summit Racing Heated Jacket
You’ll find the Summit Racing logo embroidered on the front of each garment, too. (Image/Summit Racing)