For a lot of folks, knowing how to weld is akin to reaching the top of the gearhead mountain. That’s because in many cases, being a skilled welder means you’re able to fix the un-fixable and make the un-makeable.

In other words, from brackets to boxes, panels to perches, welding can solve a lot of problems.

And Summit Racing’s got a new line of TIG & MIG Welders to help you get started.

These budget-friendly welders are tailored to both the home wrencher and the professional fabricator alike, with durability and versatility that makes them useful for a wide range of jobs.

There are both gas and gasless options, and they all come in kits that have pretty much everything you need to get started.

Summit Racing MIG Welders

A lot of seasoned fabricators got their start on MIG welders. Short for “Metal Inert Gas,” you can use a MIG Welder for mild steel, stainless, and aluminum. It’s fast and many folks feel it’s easier to learn MIG welding than TIG welding. That said, MIG welding is often better suited to larger materials and can offer less precision than a comparable TIG welder.

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Summit Racing MIG Welding Kit
The kits include the basics, including a mask, but you’ll need some other gear to start welding safely. We’ve got a short list of vital equipment at the bottom of this article to get you started. (Image/Summit Racing)

Summit Racing TIG Welders

TIG stands for “Tungsten Inert Gas” and is viewed by some fabricators as a step-up from MIG welding, thanks to its ability to produce clean, elegant welds. But it is a bit more labor intensive to do properly and perhaps requires a more skilled hand.

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Summit Racing TIG welder box
The welders themselves are plenty durable enough to withstand the duty cycle of a professional shop. (Image/Summit Racing)

Welding Safety Gear & Accessories

For sure, you’ll need some additional safety gear and equipment before you start welding like a pro. But Summit Racing’s got you covered with most everything you’ll need there. Here’s a quick list that’ll help you get started: