In carbureted applications, running an external electric fuel pump has a ton of upside. For starters, electric fuel pumps tend to have a more consistent flow compared to their mechanical fuel pump counterparts, and it’s often easier to dial-in the precise fuel pressure you need for your exact setup.

There are other advantages too, like being able to set carb float levels without the engine running. And, as our friend Wayne Scraba points out, for certain applications, a mechanical fuel pump pushrod can cause its share of headaches in a performance engine too.

All good reasons to check out Summit Racing’s Universal Electric Fuel Pumps.

(Image/Summit Racing)

These small-but-mighty fuel pumps deliver rock-solid fuel flow to your carbureted engine. Better yet, integrated mounting points and standard 5/16″ hose barbs make them easy to install as well.

Summit Racing Universal Electric Fuel Pumps come in a handful of flavors; select yours based on your specific fuel system application:

  • SUM-G3165 – Gasoline, 35 GPH, 4-7 PSI flow rate
  • SUM-G3166 – Gasoline, 28 GPH, 2-4 PSI flow rate 
  • SUM-G3167 – Diesel, 35 GPH, 4-7 PSI flow rate
  • SUM-G3168 – E85, 35 GPH, 4-7 PSI flow rate

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