It’s no secret that old wiring is often a vintage vehicle’s Achilles Heel. And nowhere is that frustration more acute than at the fuse block, where sketchy glass fuses can be particularly troublesome.

Enter Summit Racing and its Direct-Fit AutoFuse Restoration Series Dash Harnesses.

close up of summit direct fit wiring harness fuse block
Bring your older vehicle up to modern electric fuse standards without ditching the entire original factory harness. (Image/Summit Racing)

These handy wiring harnesses offer a best-of-both-worlds solution. You can keep the plug-and-play functionality of the original factory-type harness, while converting the entire fuse block from those old glass fuses to a modern AutoFuse Series ATO-type fuse block.

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These harness kits eliminate a ton of hassle and can go a long way towards making your classic ride that much more reliable (and enjoyable). Even better, this fuse block conversion kit lets you add additional power circuits too.

And they don’t require an electrical engineering degree to install, either. The harness is compatible with all of your ride’s original harnesses—no wire cutting or modification required.

Currently these harnesses are available for several popular models, including 1947-59 Chevy trucks and the later C/K series, along with the 1968-69 Camaro, and 1968-72 Chevelle.

Summit Racing Direct Fit Fuse Conversion Harness
Want to replace your vehicle’s glass fuse blocks with a modern ATO-type fuse panel? Summit Racing’s got a solution for you. (Image/Summit Racing)