Got a performance slip-on exhaust for your motorcycle? Then you should pay attention to its packing service interval. (Yes, your muffler does have a regular service interval and it has a direct impact on your bike’s performance.)

That’s especially true if you notice your sportbike’s muffler is louder (or hotter) than it used to be. Heck, you may even notice little stands and bits of the packing material blowing out too.

All good indications that your bike’s muffler needs a repack.

(Image/The Two Brothers Racing YouTube Channel)

The good news is, repacking a motorcycle muffler isn’t too tough. And to prove it, the folks over at Two Brothers Racing will walk you through the entire process. And the even better news? A motorcycle muffler repack kit is pretty cheap, so there’s really no good reason to put-off this critical bit of bike maintenance.

Watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean: