There’s nothing like the thrill of finding the *right* wheel to perfectly finish off your ride.

But that’s not always as easy as it sounds. And that’s especially true if, say, you’ve got a big brake kit that requires some offset or need SFI certification to run in a specific drag racing class.

This particular Mustang is wearing wheels from the 3030 Legend Series. (Image/3030 Autosport)

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, 3030 Autosport set out to answer the call from folks looking for a forged, American-made wheel that can withstand the rigors of a performance driving environment—and look dang-good while doing it.

The end result is a massive range of 3030 Autosport Custom Wheels that are practically tailor made for Pro Touring restomods, street/strip machines, and late model muscle cars. Basically, any situation where you need a super strong, forged aluminum wheel with gobs of style.

(Image/3030 Autosport)

And yeah, for the quarter-mile and race crowd, 3030 Autosport makes plenty of wheels that carry the all-important SFI 15.1 rating (with beadlock options available as well). If any of that sounds appealing to you, the Mach 10 Series wheels are a good place to start looking.

And we say “start” looking because 3030 Autosport offers many of its wheels in a variety of finishes, from brilliant chrome to subdued black (and plenty of flavors in between).

Most importantly, most 3030 Autosport Wheels come in a ton of sizes, including 17 and 18 inch diameters, so you’ll have no problem finding a set to fill a wheel tub or clear the calipers on your big brake kit.

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