A while back, we told you about Summit Racing’s new Forged Steel Crankshafts. Now to complement those cranks, Summit Racing just expanded its lineup of connecting rods made from forged 4340 steel.

Summit Racing Performance Connecting Rods come in a smorgasbord of configurations for Chevy/GM, Ford, Mopar, and Pontiac applications.

To begin with, Summit Racing designs, machines, and finishes each rod’s assembly right here in the U.S.A.—and it does so to exacting tolerances. Choose from a basic through-bolt I-Beam design, tougher cap-screw I-Beam design, or, if you really plan on big power, you can jump to all-out H-Beams.

Summit Racing Performance Connecting Rods include connecting rod bolts too. And not just any rod bolts, the base tier comes with 8740 chromoly steel ARP connecting rod bolts. If serious horsepower numbers are on the menu, then you can step up to rods that include ARP2000 bolts or even L19 steel bolts with up to a 260,000 psi clamp load.

Want to know more about the distinction between 8740 chromoly, ARP200, and L19? Read this: Understanding Engine Fastener Types & Materials

There are dozens of connecting rod applications available, and many are ready to accept full-floating wrist pins.

In the product description at SummitRacing.com, you’ll find an advertised horsepower rating as well, which makes it really, really easy to pick the right connecting rods for the type of motor you’re putting together.

(Image/Summit Racing)

All told, whether you’re building an engine for a modest street machine or a rip-snortin’ track monster, there’s a good chance Summit Racing’s got a set of connecting rods that’ll work perfectly in your motor—at a price that won’t exhaust your budget. Choose your connecting rods starting with your engine application below:

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