Every power adder and performance upgrade takes a back seat to the crankshaft. After all, aside from the engine block, it’s the part that has to handle all of that power you’re making—without turning into a jump rope along the way.

So if you’re starting a new engine build from the ground up, you might want to check out Summit Racing’s lineup of forged steel crankshafts for popular Ford, GM/Chevy, and Mopar engines.

These Summit Racing crankshafts are non-twist forged from 4340 steel and have excellent journal finish. They are run through heat treating and then nitride hardened to make sure they’re able to handle a significant amount of power, either naturally aspirated or with a nitrous system, supercharger, or turbocharger.

This crankshaft lineup joins Summit Racing’s earlier series of Pro LS Cranks. Those Pro LS crankshafts have endured real-world conditions in cars making easily in excess of 1,200 horsepower.

But the best part? Summit Racing was able to keep these crankshafts affordable, making them an attractive option for racers and folks building big-power street machines on a budget.

(Image/Summit Racing)

Summit Racing Forged Crankshaft Applications

You can get one of these forged crankshafts for several popular engines, in an array of common stroke configurations. Since these cranks use heavy fillets on the rod journals, Summit Racing says narrow rod bearings are required.

See all the Summit Racing Forged Crankshaft applications below:

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