Whether you’ve got a full-blown restoration/repair shop, or you’re just working on a project car in a home garage, GUNIWHEEL Universal Bolt/Lug Pattern shop wheels have a ton of upside.

For starters, you bolt them up in place of your actual wheels. But since GUNIWHEEL shop wheels are thinner (and in some cases smaller), they give you a ton of clearance around the wheel well so you can still do some work in the fenders.

And unlike jackstands, you’re still able to roll your project around the shop—in fact, the thinner, airless solid rubber tires make pushing around a car or truck much easier (with no chance of making flat spots on the tires, either).

The universal fitment also makes these a wise choice over a set of scrapyard steelies that may only fit a single vehicle.


Take a close look at the picture below and you’ll note that each GUNIWHEEL tire has integrated nubs to help prevent your project from rolling away too. Even better, there’s no risk of the jackstand failing, tipping, or marring/distorting the vehicle frame or body.

Finally, swapping a set of GUNIWHEEL Universal Bolt/Lug Pattern shop wheels on your project car is a smart way to ensure your rare original wheels won’t get messed up with an errant paint blast or hammer blow.


GUNIWHEELS come in a handful of sizes and bolt pattern configurations; each model is designed to fit a broad range of vehicle applications, see the chart below for precise fitment details.

Though the folks at GUNIWHEEL say that, depending on your car or truck, you’ll likely need specific wheel spacers for your application. You’ll also need to pick up a set of GUNIWHEEL lug nut washers to ensure the wheel is properly secured to the hub.

Check out the fitment chart below to select the right model GUNIWHEEL for your project’s wheel size/lug configuration, and keep scrolling to the bottom of this article for a quick video from the GUNIWHEEL folks that’ll show you these wheels in action.

GUNIWHEEL Fitment Chart by Wheel Model

Lug Pattern*
Lug Pattern*
4 x 98mm4 x 3.90"
4 x 100mm4 x 3.94"
4 x 100mm4 x 4.25"
4 x 110mm4 x 4.33"
4 x 114.3mm4 x 4.50"
4 x 115mm4 x 4.50"
4 x 120mm4 x 4.72"
4 x 120.7mm4 x 4.75"
4 x 127mm4 x 5.00"
4 x 130mm4 x 5.12"
4 x 135mm4 x 5.30"
4 x 137mm4 x 5.39"
5 x 98mm5 x 3.90"
5 x 100mm5 x 3.94"
5 x 108mm5 x 4.25"
5 x 110mm5 x 4.33"
5 x 112mm5 x 4.41"
5 x 114.3mm5 x 4.50"
5 x 115mm5 x 4.52"
5 x 120mm5 x 4.72"
5 x 120.7mm5 x 4.75"
5 x 127mm5 x 5.00"
5 x 130mm5 x 5.12"
5 x 135mm5 x 5.31"
5 x 139.7mm5 x 5.50"
5 x 150mm5 x 5.91"
6 x 135mm6 x 5.31"
6 x 139.7mm6 x 5.50"
8 x 165mm8 x 6.50"
8 x 165.1mm8 x 6.50"
8 x 170mm8 x 6.69"
8 x 180mm8 x 7.09"
8 x 200mm8 x 8.27"
8 x 210mm8 x 8.27"
* Represented by number of lugs x spacing between each one. Choose your GUNIWHEEL model based on the lug pattern of your project vehicle.

See More in this Quick GUNIWHEEL Demo Video

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