Whether it’s for an autocross car, pro touring build, or a restomod, many purists feel a manual transmission is the only way to travel. But beyond the simple joy of rowing your own gears, stepping up to a modern five-speed can give you a much-needed RPM drop at highway speeds for better fuel economy—and that’s especially true if you’ve got short rear end gearing or are running an older two- or three-speed automatic.

So the folks at Silver Sport Transmission set out to make it really easy for classic car owners to upgrade to a modern five-sped Tremec TKX manual with its EasyFit Tremec TKX Kits.

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve featured Silver Sport’s EasyFit Tremec TKX Manual Transmission Kits before. But after seeing this interview with Summit Racing during the 2022 PRI show, we’re inclined to talk about these kits again.

The interview goes into detail about just how handy these kits are. For starters, Silver Sport Transmission makes sure that you get the right parts to make the install a straightforward job. But perhaps more importantly, these kits make sure to put the shifter right where it should be—so you’re not banging into the console or stretching halfway to the glovebox to make a shift. Check out this video below and you’ll see what we mean: