Adding an overdrive transmission to a classic car or vintage truck has a ton of upside—particularly if your ride eats up a ton of highway miles.

That’s because an overdrive gear lets your engine sit in a lower RPM range at those interstate speeds, which means you’re getting better fuel economy. As an added plus, it can make your ride more pleasant, as those lower revs often result in less noise and vibration inside the passenger compartment.

(Image/Silver Sport Transmission)

And lately, thanks to its compact size and durability, the Tremec TKX five-speed manual has become the go-to choice for many hotrodders and musclecar/truck owners looking to add that glorious overdrive gear.

Problem is, retrofitting a Tremec TKX into an older vehicle can be a bit of work. That’s why Silver Sport Transmission’s new EasyFit Tremec TKX kits are so dang handy.

While contents vary by kit, Silver Sport typically includes a custom console shift plate and shift ball. (Image/Summit Racing)

These kits are application-specific, containing the vital bits and brackets you need to plunk a Tremec TKX in pretty much whatever car or truck is sitting in your driveway. Better yet, Silver Sport makes sure the transmission’s mounting location is spot-on perfect to ensure the shifter handle is right within your reach.

Silver Sport makes EasyFit Tremec TKX kits for well over a dozen applications, including Corvettes and these popular classic cars and trucks:

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