If you do much off-roading, then you already know how important a good set of durable rock sliders are for protecting your ride’s chassis, frame, and sheetmetal from rocks, logs, and other large trail obstacles.

Problem is, once you install a good set of rock sliders, it usually means you can’t have any side steps, which can make it difficult to hop into and out of your rig—particularly if you’re running big tires and a complementing lift kit.

If that sounds familiar, then you’ll appreciate these Step Sliders from Rock Slide Engineering.

The steps drop down about a foot from the rock slider body, making it easy to get a leg-up into the passenger compartment. (Image/Rock Slide Engineering)

They offer a best of both worlds setup, with a pair of super durable rock sliders that contain integrated steps to help you hop into the cabin, then retract out of the way when it’s time to tackle the trail.

Thanks to rugged magnetic sensors and powerful electric motors, the steps are controlled automatically—the steps will drop down about 12 inches when the door is opened, and pull up flush with the rock slider body when the door is closed.

When the door is closed, the steps retract neatly up to the rock slider body. (Image/Rock Slide Engineering)

The sliders are made from 10 gauge, 3/16 in. thick steel and are powdercoated to keep corrosion at bay. Key internal components feature stainless steel construction too.

The steps install into factory mounting points, which means no drilling, and the wiring harness is standalone, plug-and-play so you won’t be splicing into your factory harness either.

Rock Slide Engineering currently makes its Step Sliders for the following applications:

(Image/Rock Slide Engineering)