When you’re elbow deep in an engine during a big project, keeping track of all the bolts and hardware you’re removing can be a real big problem. And we’re all guilty of setting a precious machine screw on the air cleaner only to knock it off, losing it forever in the dark recess of the engine bay (or worse yet, down a cylinder).

If that sounds familiar, check out these ingenious tool and hardware organizers from Boltster.


Instead of placing your critical bolts precariously along your fender or windshield cowl, you simply snug them into the holes of a Boltster organizer. Its flexible silicon construction means that the bolt is gripped tight in the organizer, ready to be plucked out when you need it.

Not only will this keep vital fasteners from rolling around on, say, your radiator support, it means you can arrange the hardware in the order you removed it—so you don’t lose track of what bolts went where. That can be particularly handy when you’re working with an engine part that demands different size bolts for each hole (like some water pumps for instance).


Even better, since these Boltster organizers are flexible, they’ll grip onto curved fenders, air cleaner covers, and other odd-shaped spots, so you can keep your bolts nearby without fear of the organizer sliding off onto the shop floor.

And a Boltster hardware organizer isn’t just good for screws and fasteners, you can jam in drive bits, small screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and a host of other small tools you need to keep close at hand. Check out the Bitster organizer and you’ll see what we mean.

There are a handful of different Boltster organizers available, suited to many different jobs. (Image/Boltster)

Boltster makes a couple of different versions of its organizer. We’re really fond of the one with four distinct partitions, particularly its flat tray that’ll hold nuts, washers, fuses, lamps, and other small parts.

Their versatility means that Bolster organizers aren’t just handy in the garage either—they’re useful for everything from simple home plumbing jobs to professional construction.

With a Boltster organizer, you may never lose track of your hardware again. (Image/Boltster)

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