(Image/Classic Performance’s YouTube Channel)

An air intake system can be one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of an EFI engine swap—particularly for the GM LS swap crowd. And depending on your setup, you won’t be able to buy one off the shelf. In fact, you’ll likely need to modify some tubing or buy some custom sections to ensure it all fits properly once you slam the hood down.

The good news is, pretty much all that stuff is available in the aftermarket, including customizable universal air intake kits that come with a mix of tubing sections, air filter elements, bends, and couplers.

But there are some things to think about before deciding on which bits and pieces you need. More importantly, there are some considerations (like MAF sensor location and the tubing’s proximity to heat) to be mindful of before your start cutting.

The fine folks over at Classic Performance Products made this video that’ll guide you through some simple steps to help you design a one-off intake setup for your EFI engine swapped vehicle.

Though the engine in the video is a GM LS, many of the measuring tips and techniques you’ll see here apply just as well to other engine swaps, including the Gen. III Hemi and Ford Coyote V8. Check it out: