(Image/Summit Racing)

Look, we like a nice exhaust rumble as much as any gearhead.

Problem is, our passengers may not. And if we’re being perfectly honest, sometimes it’s nice to quiet things down a tad while navigating to the staging lanes.

Patriot electric exhaust cutouts can be a great solution to this dilemma. Using electrically-controlled valves, you can re-route your exhaust from the full undercar system to a short turnout for better performance at the track.

The kits come with pretty much everything you’ll need for the install. This is a kit for a single exhaust. (Image/Summit Racing)

Installation is pretty easy too. There’s no welding required, and the compact size and plenty of adjustability mean you can stick them pretty much anywhere, which is partiualy handy if you’ve got a lowered vehicle.

Better still, the wireless remote means you’re not cutting holes or running wires through your dash—it’s a simple two-wire hookup (with a built-in fuse) for the electric motor(s) and control box.

And since they’re made from stainless steel, they’ll give you years of reliable service.

There are single and dual exhaust kits, for either 2.5 and 3 inch exhaust tubing. Check out your options below.

Patriot says these cutouts are leak-free, thanks to a butterfly valve that rests against a precision machined lip. (Image/Summit Racing)
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