(Image/New Vintage USA’s YouTube Channel)

We talk about relays a lot around here. And that’s simply because they’re really, really handy in situations where you need to control the flow of power to your electrical accessories. (Essentially, relays allow you to power on/off your electrical devices remotely.)

That also means there’s a good chance you’ll come across relays whenever you’re repairing or installing an electrical component on your vehicle—which includes everything from foglights to stereos to aftermarket gauges.

So when we saw this helpful video from New Vintage USA that explains how relays work and how to wire them up, we thought you should see it too.

The good news is, relays aren’t that complicated and a short video like this is a great way for you to get comfortable with how relays work. It’s only about five minutes long, so if you’ve got some electrical installs on the horizon, it’s definitely worth the watch. Check it out below:

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