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Video: Understanding Electrical Relays (& How to Install Them)

We talk about relays a lot around here. And that’s simply because they’re really, really handy in situations where you need to control the flow of power to your electrical […]


Parts Bin: IPA Tools Relay Bypass Switches

While they’re usually pretty reliable, troubleshooting a failed relay can be a frustrating endeavor. More importantly, if you’re trying to service a component that relies on a relay for power, […]

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Relay Case: How to Use Relays and Why You Need Them

An electrical system is only as reliable as its components. One easy way to increase system reliability and performance is by using relays to switch devices (lights, fuel pumps, fans, […]

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Automotive Wiring 101: Basic Tips, Tricks & Tools for Wiring Your Vehicle

Cars are filled with stuff that can make or break performance. The engine needs to be fed the proper amounts of air, fuel, and spark. The suspension and brakes must be […]