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With all the focus placed on turbochargers, superchargers, intercoolers, and exhaust tubing, it’s easy to overlook the need for a strong, reliable way to connect them all together.

That’s why Vibrant Performance steps to the plate with its HD Clamp Assemblies.

It’s no secret that forced induction means you’re running an incredible amount of pressure through your tubing/piping system, and these Vibrant HD Clamp Assemblies are designed to handle it.

(Image/Vibrant Performance TV)

Way better than ordinary clamps, these modular connectors are a great way to securely join two pipes together—and they’ll withstand up to a whopping 800 PSI of static boost pressure.

Better yet, Vibrant HD Clamp Assemblies are flexible and allow for up to 12 degrees of movement, which means they can handle the twisting and vibration of a rowdy high-boost motor.

Vibrant HD Clamp Assemblies even come in assorted colors, to keep your engine bay looking nice and pretty. (Image/Summit Racing)

Made of billet aluminum, these HD clamps can take temperatures up to 400 degrees F and they’ve got special O-rings to create a leak-proof seal. A quick-release mechanism makes it easy to move and adjust things in your engine bay.

Vibrant HD Clamps Come in the Following Inlet/Outlet Diameters:

Want a closer look at these HD tubing clamps? Check out this video from Vibrant Performance: