Part scooter, part street bike. All useful. (Image/Honda)

Honda just introduced the Navi to the United States. And we’re a bit confused as to what to call it.

With a 110cc engine, it’s got more oomph than a small scooter, but has a tiny 51 inch wheelbase that’s easily dwarfed by a traditional motorcycle. It only weighs 236 pounds yet, despite its pocket-rocket style, has a swingarm-mounted engine and CVT. So…what is it?

We’re calling it the ultimate pit bike.

Note the mirrors, turn signals, and license plate bracket. (Image/Honda)

We say “ultimate” here because it’s light and compact, easy to be tossed in the back of a truck or race trailer, yet is street legal and should have enough gittayup to take you on food runs and trips to the local auto parts shop. (Of course, you’ll likely need a motorcycle license for driving on public roads.)

Out back is where you see the Navi’s more scooter-like underpinnings, with a 110cc engine and CVT assembly secured to the swingarm. (Image/Honda)

Look closely and you’ll see a pillion seat, grab bar, and passenger pegs as well. Yup, you can ride two-up around the paddock on this thing and, when ya do, it probably helps that you’re straddling a 110cc motor.

Oh, and did we mention its MSRP is around 1,800 bucks? That’s close to the cost of an off-brand 50cc scooter—yet since it’s a Honda, the Navi will likely have better aftermarket parts support and warranty coverage.

And it has a lockable cubby too! (Image/Honda)

One of the other hallmarks of a good pit bike is its ability to carry stuff.

We’re guessing you’re handy enough to make some brackets to secure a milk crate to the grab bar, but the Navi also has a clever little storage locker built right in too. Since the Navi’s layout is more scooter than motorcycle, the engine is rearward, meaning there’s room to shove a few tools or a burrito right under the gas tank.

A fuel gauge and a locking gas cap are nice touches too. (Image/Honda)

Speaking of gas tank, it holds one gallon. And Honda says the Navi gets about 110 MPG, so you probably won’t need to refuel that often if you’re just zipping around the pit area.

So, is this ultimate pit bike?

We’ll be on the lookout at our local track next year to see if racers agree; Honda says the Navi will start showing up in dealerships early in 2022.

If you want more information, check out the Navi’s page over at the Honda Powersports site.

You can get the Navi in a handful of colors, including black, green, red, and this—which Honda calls “Nut Brown.” (Image/Honda)

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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