Inside this little box could be the key to a faster race car. Read why below. (Image/Summit Racing)

No-lift shifting means you don’t have to take your foot off the gas as you clutch-in and shift gears. In other words, you’re pretty much at wide open throttle as you run down the dragstrip.

…So it’s probably no surprise that N2MB Racing calls its handy module the WOT BOX.

Here’s how it works. The WOT BOX will actually cut your ignition for a split second as you shift your transmission. Not only does that mean your right foot can stay planted on the floor, it actually lets your transmission synchros mesh more easily, which can decrease your chances of missing a gear and causing serious transmission damage. Better still, it improves shift consistency for more predictable runs and reduced wear on the transmission.

And yes, it can lower your ETs too.

The WOT BOX even functions as a launch control, momentarily cutting ignition power to hold your engine at a predetermined RPM level for consistent, predictable launches.

Here’s a screengrab of the WOT BOX software. (Image/N2MB Racing)

With the WOT BOX module, N2MB includes plenty of hook-up wire. You’ll need to know how to solder to install a WOT BOX, but you can get some pointers here. You’ll also get a USB adapter so you can connect the WOT BOX up to your computer. Then, you can download the WOT BOX software for free from N2MB’s website and start making some tweaks.

The WOT BOX Software is where you go in and set your race vehicle’s parameters and fine-tune the WOT BOX’s operation.

N2MB says the WOT BOX is compatible with any fuel injected car, and it includes plenty of customized instructions for a ton of popular applications, including the Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, Subaru Impreza WRX, Dodge Neon SRT-4, Volkswagen GTI, and Nissan 350Z.