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Video: Towing & Trailering Tips from Bulletproof Hitches

Make sure your boat, race car, camper, and tools get to their destination safely. This video will help. (Image/Bulletproof Hitches)

Whether you’re hitching up the camper, bass boat, or race car, summer is the season of towing.

And regardless of how many times you’ve hooked up your tow rig, it’s always smart to make sure everything is loaded properly, and your vehicle, hitch, and trailer can safely handle it all.

To help you in that effort, the folks at Summit Racing sat down with the towing experts at Bulletproof Hitches. The entire 45-minute video is at the bottom of this post, but we’ll list the times of some key highlights below:

  • 6:24 Understanding Gross Trailer Weight & Tongue Weight
  • 18:20 How Much Should You Tow?
  • 21:14 How to Choose the Right Hitch
  • 24:48 Can You Tow with a Lifted Truck?
  • 37:50 How to Tell if Your Hitch is Worn Out
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