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Parts Bin: Morimoto Headlight Assemblies, Taillights & Light Bulbs Can Dramatically Improve Your Visibility

A quality headlight upgrade can improve your ability to both see and be seen. (Image/Morimoto)

One of the most dramatic evolutions of automotive technology has been in the arena of lights and lighting. Just a decade or two ago, halogen and incandescent lighting was the standard. And while it was good for the era, it doesn’t hold a candle (pun intended) to the modern Xenon, LED & HID lighting of today’s vehicles.

Enter Morimoto. It offers slick retrofit headlight and taillight assemblies, bulbs, and foglights to give your ride a modern, custom look. (And they’ll help you see better at night, too!)

Morimoto’s replacement headlight housings make it easy to swap-in attractive and high performance lighting. (Image/Morimoto)

Thanks to its innovative light bulbs, assemblies, and housings, Morimoto gives you the ability to easily step up to all the advantages of today’s LED or HID lighting. In a lot of cases, that can mean improved useable light output, less power consumption, more durability, and a host of other benefits that you won’t get with a traditional halogen or incandescent light bulb.

A lot of off roaders like LED lights because they’re durable and tend to draw less power than a traditional bulb. (Image/Morimoto)

You can either swap out the entire headlight/taillight assembly, or build your own setup using Morimoto’s bulbs, ballast resistors, and replacement parts. Here’s just a taste of what Morimoto offers:

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