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Mailbag: Headlight Replacement Tips for Better Night-Driving Visibility

Q: I have a 1978 Ford F-250 that I have owned for 30 years. My vision isn’t what it used to be and lately I’ve found myself struggling to see […]

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Saving Silverado (Part 4): Lighting Upgrade for Your Full-Size Chevy Pickup

In our last installment of this Saving Silverado project, we remedied some issues with the HVAC system, and until this point, we’ve been doing a lot of fixing and repairing […]

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Light Source: A Quick Guide to Automotive Lighting

Lighting has gotten huge in the automotive aftermarket—and with good reason. The proper lights—headlights, taillights, and auxiliary lighting—can deliver improved safety, enhanced vehicle styling, and added versatility. It’s no wonder […]