The crew at Summit Racing chose the Anzo LED halo projector-style headlight and Anzo taillight assemblies to upgrade the front and rear lighting on its 2019 Ford F-150 truck upgrade project.

Today’s video covers the step-by-step process of replacing both the headlights and taillights, which Anthony Grosser, senior market specialist at Summit Racing, chose among a group of popular off-the-shelf Ford F-150 products that bolt on with very little hassle.

“Every part can be installed in a driveway or garage utilizing basic hand tools,” Grosser said.

He ranked the headlights and taillights upgrade as among the most visually impactful changes to the truck.

“The last thing that provided a drastic change over stock was the blacked-out Anzo U-bar headlights and LED taillights. I can’t believe how much these made a difference on how the truck looked,” Grosser said.

Check out the video for more.