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Video: Ensure Leak-Free Flare Fittings in Your Vehicle Plumbing by Inspecting Your Flare Seats First

(Image/Classic Tube’s YouTube Channel)

Flare fittings are often used in high pressure plumbing applications, where sealing and reliability are critical. So it’s probably no surprise that flare fittings are common in vehicle brake and fuel systems.

Yet any fitting obviously needs to be installed correctly to offer a proper seal, and that’s especially true for flare fittings, where burrs, deformed flare edges, and overtightening can easily introduce leaks.

That’s why the tube tutors over at Classic Tube made this video to show you the importance of inspecting the flare fitting’s seats (mating surfaces) before grabbing your flare nut wrenches.

It’s less than two minutes long and a must-watch for anyone installing flare fittings. Check it out below.

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  1. Little bit frustrating to see this video posted only a few days after Summit took no accountability for their own brand of AN fittings having flared surfaces that looked machined with a broken drill bit. Seems Summit may be at the tipping point between a humble grassroots company who always cared for their customers and an enterprise where the only people who have their hands on the corporate steering wheel are the bean counters.

    Incident: 210513-000008

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      Hi Jake. We are sorry to hear about your fittings. It sounds like you’ve been in contact with customer service. Although this isn’t an official customer service channel for Summit Racing, you can have a customer service manager from Summit Racing review your experience by submitting your customer/order number over on Summit’s Facebook page (post to page).

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