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Parts Bin: Pypes Turbo Pro Mufflers Combine High-Flow Performance with a Refined, Mellow Exhaust Note

Dave Gerard from Pypes holds up one of their new turbo mufflers. (Image/Summit Racing’s YouTube Channel)

Don’t get us wrong, we love the sound of an earth-shaking performance motor.

Just not all. the. time.

So we were really excited to hear Pypes now offers Turbo Pro Mufflers that combine the benefits of a free-flowing turbo muffler with a refined and mellow toneā€”one that won’t wake up the neighborhood.

Pypes brought these new Turbo Pro Mufflers to Summit Racing’s Performance Parts Expo, where they talked in-depth about their features and benefits. Want to hear more? The entire interview video is below:

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  1. Any performance numbers for these mufflers? How much do they flow? What would be the typical HP and Torque loss over straight pipes on a 454 BBC, 2.5 exhaust with no crossover pipe? Dyno chart would be a big help. Thanks, Jack

    • Hey Jack, we reached out to Dave Gerard from the video for a response. Although Pypes doesn’t have flow testing results back yet and your question is application-specific, he did offer some really good insight into a similar setup:

      “For sound testing we used our 1967 GTO with a 468 stroked Pontiac engine making mid 500hp as a test mule, our seat of the pants testing resulted in minimal loss in power compared to our Race Pro series mufflers (highest flowing). The test was conducted using our 2.5” systems SGA10 (x-pipe) and SGA40 (h-pipe) in combination with all our muffler families. These tests were mainly for sound control and not necessarily power, but you could still get an idea of the performance.”

      Hope this helps!

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