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Vote Now in the 2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament

Here’s the bracket, read details on the matchups and voting below. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Get ready for the ninth edition of our annual bracket-style automotive tournament where legendary vehicles face off in a series of one-on-one matchups. And you determine the winner!

In a unique twist for 2021, we’re making this tournament exclusive to trucks and SUVs.

We’ve picked 16 of the best examples—you’ll see trusty work trucks, serious off roaders, tire shredding street machines, and classic haulers.

You simply vote for what trucks and SUVs you want to see move onto the next round, using whatever criteria you like. So what’ll you choose: Style? Performance? Utility? It’s all fair game and we can’t wait to see the results.

How Truck Tournament Voting Works

The entire 16-vehicle bracket is laid out below. You can vote for each round’s winners in one of three ways:

We’ll tally up all the votes by the end of the week, then present you with the next round of Match-Ups the following Monday.

See the first round pairings below and make your comments for all your Round 1 choices in our 2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament.

Round 1 Truck Tournament Match-Ups



Round 1: Jeep Cherokee XJ v. First-Gen Ford F-Series

Look up the words “truck” and “sport utility vehicle” in the dictionary and you’ll likely see a F-Series and Cherokee, respectively. Ford launched a legend when it started its F-series—a lineage that would ultimately spawn the F-150. On the other hand, thanks to its on- and off-road driving manners, the Cherokee XJ can be credited with fueling the SUV invasion of the 1990s.



Round 1: Chevy “Squarebody” v. Toyota Land Cruiser

Perhaps the two hottest vehicles in the collectors market today. Land Cruiser prices are steadily climbing into the stratosphere, while the once-ubiquitous Chevy C-Series truck is the new darling of the next-gen car collector. And the reasons why are obvious: classic lines, tons of charm, and anvil-like reliability.



Round 1: Ford F-150 Raptor v. Chevy 454 SS

A battle of factory hot rods, one street, the other off-road. Ford dropped a lot of jaws when it unleashed the F-150 Raptor into the wild back in 2010, but just a few decades earlier, Chevy proved trucks could still shred by boldly painting “454” and “SS” on the side of its trusty Silverado. So…tarmac terror or desert duster—make the call in the comments below.



Round 1: International Scout II v. Dodge Power Wagon

Two trucks for two wildly different purposes. The Power Wagon is all business, tough and rugged—born out of battlefield service in World War 2. Conversely, the Scout II evolved in the opposite direction by becoming a friendlier, more practical version of it’s agricultural predecessor, the Scout 800.



Round 1: Jeep Wrangler TJ v. Chevy Blazer

A battle for who does “topless” the best maybe? While the TJ may have put more Jeeps in mall parking lots than the mud hole, its off-road capabilities soon became legendary. And it had round headlights too! On the flip side, the first- and early second-gen Blazer heralded a quantum leap in versatility and refinement that forced many auto manufacturers to step-up their SUV game during the 1970s.



Round 1: Jeep CJ-5 v. Subaru Brat

Is this the upset alert? The all-wheel drive Subaru Brat would certainly be an underdog, going up against what many consider the archetype off-roader. And while the CJ-5 has gobs of heritage on its side, Subaru’s wagon-based pickup truck gets bonus points for its nifty Jump Seats that skirted the infamous “Chicken Tax.”



Round 1: Land Rover Series III v. Dodge SRT-10

Up until now, most of these pairings have been somewhat similar, but this one pits a rip-snortin’ V10 against a classy British off-roader. One helped tame the African wilderness, the other goes through tires like a toddler through birthday cake. This particular matchup is pretty much anyone’s guess, so we’re anxiously awaiting the voting results here.



Round 1: Ford Bronco v. Toyota Hilux

Geographically speaking, this is how we determine where the votes are coming from. Outside of the United States, the Hilux is the go-to choice for off-roaders and haulers alike, whereas in America, the Ford Bronco is as much-loved as apple pie and bass fishing. If this was an NHL All-Star Game, we might’ve considered this matchup North America v. The World.


Cast Your Votes in the Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament Now!

Tell us which truck or SUV you’d like to see in the next round using the comments section below. Round Two will be announced next week!

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  1. Jim+Stewart says:

    Jeep XJ
    C/K Truck
    Power Wagon
    Ram SRT10
    Early Bronco

  2. 1948 Ford
    73-87 C/K series
    Dodge power wagon
    Chevy Blazer
    Jeep CJ5

  3. First-Gen Ford F-Series
    ChevyChevy “Squarebody”
    Chevy 454 SS
    Dodge power wagon
    Chevy Blazer
    Jeep CJ5
    Dodge SRT-10
    Ford Bronco

  4. Donald Ohlinger says:

    1948-1952 ford f-series 1973-1987 chevrolet C/k 1990-1993 chevrolet 454 SS 1946-1980 dodge powerwagon 1969-1975 chevrolet blazer 1963-1975 jeep CJ5 2004-2006 dodge ram SRT-10 1966-1977 ford bronco

  5. Mike+Brown says:

    1) F series.

    2) Square body.

    3) 454 SS.

    4) Scout II. The toughest one to decide for me!

    5) Blazer.

    6) CJ-5.

    6) Land Rover.

    7) Bronco.

  6. F series
    Chevy c/k series
    454 as
    Dodge Power Wagon
    CJ 5
    Land Rover

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