This is it. The final round pairing in our annual Muscle Car Match-Up competition. This year, we focused entirely on trucks and SUVs, cramming the 16-vehicle field with classic haulers, tire-nuking boulevard bashers, and go-anywhere off-roaders.

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But now, after winning votes against Broncos, SRT-10s, Power Wagons, Raptors, Wranglers, and a host of other legendary rides, we have it down to two vehicles…


Truck Tournament Final Round Championship Pairing


Chevy “Squarebody” vs. 1969-75 Chevy Blazer


If you look at the first field of 16, there were three Chevrolets. All three made it to the Final Four. But the Blazer dispatched the SS 454 and, in what should be considered an upset, the Squarebody defeated the venerable first-gen Ford Bronco.

But the votes were really, really close—particularly for the Blazer/SS 454 pair.

In fact, the Blazer triumphed in the Instagram tallies, while the SS 454 had the edge in Facebook voting. So we had to add them both up too determine the final round paring.

And here it is.

In a curious turn, the two trucks are pretty much the same. Purists may note that we actually extended the first-gen Blazer dates to 1975, simply to reflect the last year of the full pop-top roof. It then could be argued that the match-up is between a truck and an SUV. So what’s it gonna be? The new collector darling “Squarebody” C-/K-series or the much-revered Blazer?

Get ready to vote…


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We’ll reveal the winner of the 2021 Muscle Car Match-Up: Truck Tournament Edition next week, right here.