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2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament Final Four


The 16 have been whittled down to four in our annual bracket-style Muscle Car Match-Ups competition. You’ve probably noticed that this year, we’ve dedicated the whole thing to trucks and SUVs—which means you’re looking at the four coolest, toughest, and trustiest haulers around (as voted on by you).

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Each of the four easily won their previous pairing. The only close voting was between the Bronco and Jeep CJ, but the Ford pulled through at the end. That means, with the lone exception of that aforementioned Bronco, it’s an all-Chevy show now. We’ll break down the pairings below, so you can get ready to vote and set up the final matchup coming next week.


Truck Tournament Final Four Pairings


Chevy “Squarebody” vs. First-Gen Ford Bronco


We have a feeling whichever one wins this matchup here will likely go on to be the ultimate winner. It’s a battle between two automotive heavyweights with deep history and skyrocketing collector’s markets. The winner may boil down to the voter demographics—while voting has typically favored older vehicles like the Bronco, the Squarebody has been helped along by a surge in younger voters. We’ll have to wait and see…


1969-75 Chevy Blazer vs. Chevy 454 SS


Muscle truck or hard workin’ SUV? Honestly, this one may echo our sentiment above on voter demographics. But it could also depend on whether folks like street performance or off-roading. At any rate, we know a Chevy’s going to come out the winner here, but which one? The Blazer’s been a familiar sight on those high-dollar auction sites for a while now, but the under-the-radar 454 SS is poised to become one of the next hot collector vehicles—so what’s it gonna be?


Cast Your Votes for the Final Four

Remember you can vote three ways:

  1. Write down your picks in the comment section below
  2. Comment on the Summit Racing Instagram page
  3. Vote when you see the polls open for each Match-Up at the Summit Racing Facebook page

We’ll recap the voting next week to set up the Championship Round in our 2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament Edition, so stay tuned!

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