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2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament Round 2 Pairings


After a heated first round, the (tire) smoke has cleared and we’ve got our first look at the Round Two pairings in our annual Muscle Car Match-Ups competition.

This year, in a special twist, we’re featuring only trucks and SUVs—vintage and classics, off-roaders and street cruisers alike.

There were some interesting early round results this year, but all-in-all no major upsets. As expected, you favored domestics over imports, and gave a slight preference to older rides. The voting came from Summit Racing’s Facebook page, Instagram page, and OnAllCylinders comments. While exact Match-Up tallies were different depending on the voting method, all three delivered the same ultimate outcome.

See the new pairings and check out our recaps of the previous round below—and Don’t Forget to Vote for the Round Two Matchups!


2021 Truck Tourney Round 2 Pairings


Round 2: Ford First-Gen F-Series vs. 1969-75 Chevy Blazer


You folks like your vintage trucks, don’t ya? Despite a late surge, the Jeep Cherokee XJ couldn’t surmount the huge early lead the F-Series fans gave their faithful Ford.

And in what could’ve easily been a final round matchup, the pop-top Blazer put up a decisive victory by knocking the Wrangler TJ out early—setting up a Ford vs. Chevy matchup in Round Two.


Round 2: Dodge Power Wagon vs. Chevy 454 SS


Speaking of Ford vs. Chevy, Chevy came out the winner in Round One, with the ground-pounding 454 SS dispatching the hard-charging F-150 Raptor. We were a little surprised that the voting wasn’t closer, but it follows the vintage > modern trend.

On the other side, the venerable Power Wagon rumbled past the Scout II. Yet it was the closest vote of any Round One matchup—a late voting surge put the trusty Dodge ahead with the win. So, we’re excited to see how the battle-proven Power Wagon does when paired against a rip-snortin’ 454 big block-powered Chevy.


Round 2: Jeep CJ-5 vs. Ford Bronco


This is it, the matchup we were hoping for: a battle between two of the most iconic SUVs ever made. The Bronco easily put away the Toyota Hilux—the Ford built a commanding lead from the get-go and didn’t give up an inch.

We admit it, we thought the Brat would be the upset special of this bracket, but alas, the iconic CJ’s impressive resume proved too much for the little wagon-based Subie truck. So, with both SUVs winning the Round One vote by wide margins, it’s Bronco vs. CJ in Round Two. All eyes are on this one…


Round 2: Chevy Squarebody vs. Dodge SRT-10


Around the office, the Chevy 1973-87 Chevy C/K-Series was the consensus number one overall seed. Despite a tough draw going up against the nouveau-collectable FJ Land Cruiser, the Chevy put up an impressive W.

On the other side, it was a bit of a shock to see the stalwart Land Rover Series III go down so early, but it faced 10 cylinders of fury from the tire-nuking Ram. At the very least, it sets up a nice Dodge vs. Chevy matchup in Round Two.


Cast Your Votes for Round 2

Remember you can vote three ways:

  1. Write down your picks in the comment section below
  2. Comment on the Summit Racing Instagram page
  3. Vote when you see the polls open for each Match-Up at the Summit Racing Facebook page

We’ll recap the Round Two voting next week to set up the Final Four in our 2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament Edition.

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  1. Richard Lewicki says:

    chevy 454 ss jeep chevy square body

  2. Dodge Power Wagon. Then the Bronco. Then the Ram.

  3. F series over bronco, power wagon over chevy, do not care about the other 2 as they will not make it past the next round

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