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Parts Bin: Performance Tool Fluid Line Stoppers Make Brake & Fuel Line Work Mess-Free

Doing any sort of work that involves disconnecting a fluid line? Keep puddles off of your garage floor with one of these handy Fluid Line Stoppers. (Image/Summit Racing)

A lot of gearheads dread brake and fuel system jobs—not because they’re difficult, but because disconnecting fluid lines can make a huge mess on a garage floor. From caliper repairs to carb swaps, what to do with the dripping lines is a common (and frustrating) problem.

Performance Tool’s got the perfect solution.

Its Fluid Line Stoppers clamp-off the lines you’re servicing to stop fluid spills and/or fluid contamination. It takes just a handful of seconds to secure one, which stops that pesky leak while you finish your work.

They also keep your work area clean, while preventing damage to your paint and keeping potentially harmful fluids from seeping into the ground. (They can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents in your shop too!)

And these stoppers don’t just work on brake and fuel lines, they’re equally effective on transmission lines, coolant lines, or pretty much anywhere you need to stop a dripping 5/16 or 3/8 inch line.

Performance Tool Fluid Line Stoppers are sold in pairs or in a set of four with two each of 5/16 and 3/8 inch stoppers.

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  2. will these stop the flow of fluid, say putting them on a trans line, then running the car.

    • Hey Billy, these are intended for temporary, very low-to-no pressure applications, like plugging a brake line drip while you swap a caliper…so you wouldn’t want to use them with a moving vehicle or in any pressurized system.

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