You hear about tubular control arms a lot these days when talking about performance suspension systems

But is all the buzz really warranted? Are tubular control arms really worth your time and money?

Our friends at QA1 did an entire article on what makes tubular control arms an effective upgrade. It really comes down to three major benefits:

  • Improved suspension geometry
  • New and better bushings and ball joints
  • Great appearance

According to QA1, no amount of shims on a stock control arm will get the geometry corrected to modern standards. A set of tubular control arms has the proper geometry built in, specifically setting the right caster and camber to keep your tires planted and your vehicle going straight.

In addition to the improved geometry and upgraded bushings and ball joints, tubular control arms just look better than factory stamped steel designs.

Check out entire article here and watch the video below for more on how improved suspension geometry can enhance your vehicle’s handling and performance:

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