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Video: How To Make Custom Spark Plug Wires and Test Resistance

Terry Wilson, a.k.a Coverman66, is just like us–someone whose love of hot rods and horsepower knows no bounds. At age 10 he was driving his uncle’s muscle cars on the back roads of South Carolina, and started building his own junk in high school. But it was when Terry test-drove a 1998 Camaro with the then-new LS1 V8 that everything clicked.

Fast-forward to now. Terry has a home shop where he builds classic muscle cars with nothing but LS series engines under the hood. In one of life’s happy accidents, he posted a video of one of his builds on YouTube by mistake and it became an instant hit. Now Terry is spreading the LS gospel on his Coverman66 YouTube channel with videos covering everything from LSA installs to tricks and tips on getting your LS build to run perfectly.

In this video, he teamed up with our partners at Summit Racing to show you the right way to make and test custom spark plug wires using an ICT Billet universal wire set, a set of DEI boot protectors, and a Summit Racing ratcheting crimper tool.

Check it out and then visit Terry’s page for more videos.


  1. Clarence Dudek says:

    Like that crimper,thinking my old Moroso is out of Date.

  2. Ty Gross. AKA=Tystyx says:

    I remember my father buying Spark Plug Wire by the Roll.
    He made all his own Plug Wires.
    He had large coffee cans of the connectors,boots….etc.
    Made by”Prestolite”(even Prestolite Spark Plugs were available) they were just as good if not better than “Taylor”made wire sets. Those were the days when you didn’t have a feeler gauge handy to set points?
    Use a Matchbook Cover!.016 thickness in those day’s they were Mechanics not Technicians today. OLD SCHOOL RULES!

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